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Temperature and Weather Info in Denver, Colorado

Ask anyone what the temperature and weather are like in Denver, Colorado, and you’ll likely receive a plethora of responses emphasizing how cold and snowy it becomes during wintertime. While yes, this may be partially true, the surprising reality is that Denver residents actually enjoy a variety of temperatures and weather conditions throughout the year. Whether you’re planning on checking out the breathtaking scenery in the springtime or hitting those world-renowned Colorado ski slopes in the winter, this article will further explain what the average weather and temperature conditions are like in Denver so that you can thoroughly plan what to pack on your next Colorado adventure.

 Springtime in Denver, Colorado

 Visiting the Denver area in the springtime is a treat for the senses. From the beautiful, bold colors of wildflowers blooming to the earthy fragrance of the air after a gentle spring shower, everyone should experience the natural beauty of Denver in springtime at least once in their lifetimes. Mornings may start off a bit chilly, with low temperatures hovering around thirty degrees. However, by midday, temperatures usually reach around sixty degrees. You may want to pack that winter coat for those brisk Denver mornings, as well as a lightweight jacket for when those temperatures start to rise. Also, be sure to pack an umbrella, as Denver averages about three inches of rain throughout the springtime. 

 Summertime in Denver, Colorado

 Without a doubt, the summer heat can certainly pack a punch in Denver, Colorado. It’s not uncommon to have sweltering temperatures well above ninety degrees during July and August. Be sure to wear lighter colors, as darker colors will attract heat, making those Denver afternoons a bit unpleasant ( As for the weather, rainfall averages about four inches per month. Thunderstorm activity in Denver during the summer can often turn volatile, and a tornado or two is not uncommon.

 Fall in Denver, Colorado

 As the leaves change color and wildlife begin to prepare for hibernation, the autumn months in Denver are magical. Temperatures slowly begin to drop, with morning lows around forty degrees and high temperatures around eighty. The fall tends to be the driest time of the year in Denver, averaging around one inch of precipitation per month. Usually cloudy and somewhat brisk, this season is the perfect time to curl up indoors with a hot cup of cider and a good book. 

 Winter in Denver, Colorado

 If you’re planning on visiting Denver during the winter, it is important to be prepared for a wide range of temperatures. While the average high temperature hovers around forty degrees, it is not uncommon to start most winter days with low temperatures well into the teens. Snowfall will average around two to three inches throughout the winter months. However, heavier snow showers are quite uncommon. If you’re planning on visiting Denver in the winter, be sure to pack those mittens and scarves. However, also be prepared to shed all of those heavy winter layers as temperatures rise throughout the day.

 Denver is known for its spectacular natural beauty, generally mild temperatures, and enjoyable weather conditions throughout the year. With just a bit of research, you can make sure that you are adequately prepared for whatever situation that Colorado weather may throw your way.