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Experience The Iconic Mountain Biking Trails Near Denver

Colorado is famous for its scenic spots and breathtaking adventures that await you. Of course, when we’re talking about this state, it’s difficult, not to mention its beautiful and bustling central city, Denver. There are diverse mountain biking trails for bikers. I can confidently say that there are hundreds of biking trails for adventure seekers.

Today, we’re just going to pick 5 of the most visited biking trails near Denver:


On the Colorado Trail, the iconic 33-mile section of the single-track can drop you off at Breck. You are giving bikers 800 miles which is a delightful place for beginners to learn and explore. You can even work on your jumps in the skills area, which can be found in accessible entry areas with three flow trails and a Strider track.

Breckenridge is a gold-level bicycle-friendly community; the area’s facilities, trail paths, and support to the biking community are outstanding, proving that Breckenridge deserves to be on this list.


The enchanted forest trails would give you access to an enchanting biking experience. These biking trails will require bikers to ride in only one direction. No worries, you’re going to love the view, and the dense forest will provide you shady areas alongside a stream run. You wouldn’t need to go out of town to take on a foothills experience. Apex Park is just a minute away from downtown Golden.

Enjoy the mountain biking trails from either climbing Apex Trail or Argo’s trail. As I’ve mentioned earlier, during the odd-numbered days, hikers are the only ones that are allowed to climb apex park. They’re a ton of fun once you’re allowed to climb them. Just be safe since the paths are pretty steep and rocky, which can be challenging for beginners. 


If you’re looking for a biking trail that would test endurance with steep climbs, then you’ll indeed love Bergen peak. The biking trails have an outstanding balance of climbing and descending paths that even beginners and intermediate bikers will enjoy.

The trails can be found near Evergreen, Colorado, which is just 37 minutes away from Denver. It is rated as one of the most loved biking trails near Denver because of its beauty and not too steep incline trails that will challenge your endurance, but once you’re at the peak, it’s all worth it.


This network of trails is located in Golden, Colorado, which gives you dry trails due to a fine sun exposure, it is a perfect spot for advanced bikers who are ready to climb hard. To go up, you can take on the popular route, which is on the left side, providing you a double track. You must be careful since the single-track downhill can get pretty gnarly with long drops and lots of rock.

There are several single-track cutoff trails, embedded rocks, and a sandy rock garden near the parking lot. Cyclists, campers, wildlife lovers, or adventure seekers are in love with this place.

You’re never going to run out of stuff to do, scenery to look at, or spots to take selfies.


Have you heard of Nederland, Colorado? Or Have you been to Nederland before? Did you know that the area has a perimeter tour of the maze perfect for a cyclist? If you’re planning to go on the West Magnolia trail, the fall season is the best time for you to watch the aspens change. There are lots of courses and loop options waiting to be explored. You need to be fully informed or knowledgeable about the routes and paths on the maze.

There are trail signs that will help you with the navigation. You should not depend on your navigator too much since this biking trail is quite complicated for beginners or first-timers. The West Magnolia Trail is a place to be if you certainly enjoy an adventure with a sprinkle of maze trails.

The beginners or advanced bikers will enjoy the five fantastic mountain biking trails. You can always look up more mountain biking trails online or on Google.