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Why are flat commercial roofs so common on larger commercial buildings in Denver?

Flat commercial roofs have been increasing in popularity at an incredible pace since the last decade, especially for big constructions.

But what makes flat commercial roofs so special?

The reason flat commercial roofs have become so popular is thanks to the many benefits they provide when used for commercial roofs on relatively big buildings.

These benefits are usually too good to refuse by commercial building owners because, simply put, other commercial roofs just cannot compete with the huge benefits flat commercial roofs have to offer.

Would you like to know what these so-called benefits are?

If you do, keep reading.

These are the five main reasons that have made flat commercial roofs become the default choice for large commercial buildings.

#1 It’s cost-efficient

When you are trying to build roofing for a big Denver commercial building, you are obviously going to require much more materials than normal. Flat commercial roofs require fewer materials than other roofs allowing flat roofs to cover extensive areas for a relatively small price; said materials are also much cheaper and mainly consist of PVC, rubber, or asphalt, all of which have an excellent budget-friendly cost.

Flat roofs are more susceptible to damage as well, so it can help with insurance costs. Besides this, its installation is much easier, requiring considerably less labor than other roofing options and allowing you to save money in the labor aspect as well as being incredibly long-lasting, having an average lifespan of 30 to 50 years which can be prolonged by doing proper maintenance regularly.

#2 They are easy to maintain

It is also much cheaper and easier to perform maintenance on flat commercial roofs, thanks to how easy they are to access (unlike pitched roofs). Maintenance is done very quickly and without stairs, allowing you to spot and fix issues with no extra effort.

Because of how durable flat commercial roofs are, this maintenance only has to be performed 1 to 2 times per year allowing owners to save money on maintenance, and this makes flat commercial roofs very convenient overall.

#3 You gain an extra usable space

Another great thing is the extra usable space that comes with flat Denver commercial roofs; you could use that space for a rooftop garden, solar panels, or perhaps save it for another project.

There’s simply no limit to everything you could do with this extra space, and let’s be honest, space is never a bad thing to have.

#4 Flat commercial roofs look great

Most flat commercial roof designs can be obtained in various colors and textures that give flat commercial roofs ( an extra curb appeal and give them their reputation as a crowd-pleaser. However, even if the owner decides to go with EPDM (which is not as pretty but is a much cheaper and a more durable material since commercial roofs normally cannot be seen from the ground), the building will continue to look visually appealing while the ‘’ugly’’ flat commercial roof will be out of sight.

#5 Great drainage solutions

Thanks to all the space that comes with flat commercial roofs, more complex drainage solutions can be installed in order to deal with rains and provide the building with a better insulation system, consequently eliminating common roofing problems like leaking, blockage issues, water pooling, and eventually structural damage.

Some of the said drainage solutions are:

  • Gravity drainage This drainage system works by simply letting gravity move the water from the top to the bottom of the building; gravity drainage is recommended for relatively small buildings.
  • Siphonic drainage this drainage system prevents air from entering it, leading the water to drain much faster than a gravity system and making it perfect for larger buildings as these tend to accumulate water much faster.

Overall, flat commercial roofs are an excellent choice for draining away precipitation and avoiding the common problems that come with it, which over time will reflect in money saved thanks to the lack of repairs and a longer lifespan.

By working with flat commercial roofs, you are choosing to work with a material that is both affordable and durable and that is also easy to install and maintain—potentially saving you thousands of dollars in comparison to other roofing options like pitched roofs. This is what makes flat commercial roofs the go-to choice when trying to build a cost-effective flat commercial roof.