Famous Places To Visit In Denver This Fall

With restaurants back open to 100 percent capacity, and the bars slinging drinks again, live music is back at Red Rocks Stage! You don’t want to miss it! Mile High summer is back, everyone, and it brings hope and promise for 2021. Regardless of whether or not you’re a first-time visitor or you live here, it’s time to reacquaint yourself with Denver after a hiatus due to the pandemic. Your social life is begging you to get out and live life again/1. Keep in mind that you’re still required to mask up and that you’ll need a mask regardless of your vaccination status and the venue you’re attending. From farmer’s markets to concerts to that beer, and if you’re really brave, Rocky Mountain Oysters, you’re sure to enjoy your fall in Denver if you try one of these venues. 

Brewery Hopping

If you’re from the UK, you may choose to call this a “Pub Crawl,” regardless, it’s fun to explore the various breweries that Denver has to offer. Just check out our list of the best breweries to explore for a fun experience. Choose from the old favorites classics to the new micro additions to make sure that you expand your horizons. 

Farmer’s Market

Denver is the ideal location for Farmer’s Market exploring. Our local growers arrive by the drove to share their farm-fresh foods with you! From Palisade peaches to that uniquely shaped squash, you’re sure to enjoy the fun and excitement. Gather up a bouquet of fresh sunflowers to take home, and be sure to bring along your own bags so that you can transport your goodies back to your place. It’s not just fruits and veggies folks, it’s the ambiance of delectable foods and the quality that will keep you coming back. You’re sure to enjoy a bite to eat while you’re exploring. Boulder County Farmers Markets are at the ready in Boulder, Longmont, Lafayette, and even Union Station. You can go to the South Pearl Street Farmers venue on Sunday and even the new City Park Farmers market. 

Museum Of Contemporary Art

The Denver Art Museum, as well as the Clyfford Still Museum, are well worth the time. Think small but mighty here. With exhibits that are ever-changing and features of local and national artists, you’re sure to find something enjoyable to see. Thanks to the smaller size, it’s only going to take you an hour or so to explore the entire venue. When you’re finished, be sure to visit the rooftop bar for some refreshment. If you’re a Colorado resident, you can pay a penny to get in on the first Saturday each month. 

Food Hall

Sample some local fare at the Food Halls in Denver. Most of them are filled with delicious culinary delights. Avanti is an OG of the movement, and it boasts a very impressive lineup of multiple concepts. With prepared foods from the vendors, you can purchase and take them home to prepare at your leisure. From meats to cheeses and everything in between, you’re sure to enjoy this visit. Milk Market has ten separate venues at present. Frank Bonnano, the restaurateur, serves everything imaginable, from pasta to pizza to burgers and even salads. You’re sure to find something delicious for your taste palate. Stanley Marketplace is home to eateries such as Annette and Rosenbergs. You’ll also enjoy shopping and don’t forget to check out Zeppelin Station! Junction Food and Drink has much to offer, as does Golden Mill. You’ll be hard-pressed to decide which venue to try, so you may as well return time and time again to check them all out. 

Red Rocks

No trip to Denver would be complete without a trip to Red Rocks Amphitheater! Even if you’re not into concerts, the rock hound in you will be amazed at these amazing naturally occurring red rocks that make up the amphitheater! The concerts here are amazing, and the sound is unsurpassed. And if you’re visiting off-season, you can still enjoy the view and some hiking anytime.